Data management allows a plant to be more productive and increase the overall quality in addition to providing important information to control a company at all levels.

ADI has developed and installed centralized systems to manage production information, recipes revenue and production schedules.

Some of our application can collect information by electronic mean, maximizing the quality and the precision of these information’s.

All these information’s that have been gathered can then be rapidly consulted regardless of their age. The reports included with our systems are built for each type of production. They provide precise information in regard to the type of production to which they are attached.

The data management systems of ADI Process address the following needs:

  • Recipe management.
  • Production schedule.
  • Manual data entry (tests during production, laboratory testing, packaging department).
  • Production reports.
  • Consumption reports of raw materials.
  • CIP reports with electronic signatures and sanitation procedures management.
  • Ingredients, finished product and used equipment’s tracability.